CFOs: How to Save Money on Your Cloud Investments

CFOs: How to Save Money on Your Cloud Investments

Hybrid IT is complex. Your organization has adopted multiple cloud environments with varying pricing models. This has not only put a strain on your budget, but also affects your ability to effectively oversee IT for your business. How can you capitalize on the benefits of a hybrid infrastructure while battling growing governance and budget concerns?

Take control of your cloud spend with IBM Cloud Brokerage Cost and Asset Management. Increase visibility into your asset portfolio, track spend and manage consumption with data-driven insights that allow you to optimize your cloud environment.

IBM Cloud Brokerage Cost and Asset Management allows you to:

  • Increase IT governance thanks to a comprehensive view of cloud use throughout your organization
  • Set budget and governance thresholds and policies for services —and stick to them
  • Recalibrate cost by comparing budgeted spend withactual performance
  • Compare the costs of alternative cloud providers
  • Optimize spend based on cognitive recommendations that can help identify waste

Who Benefits

You are responsible for the day-to-day operations of the computer systems that keep your organization running.

You ensure that the uptime, performance, and security of these systems or services continually meets the needs of the user. But how can you successfully monitor this if you don’t have insight into the total cloud usage within your organization? Gain total visibility of your assets across cloud environments with a solution designed to increase IT governance.

You ensure the maximum business impact for any IT related spending across the business.

In the current economy, you have to make every dollar count. It’s your responsibility to know the effectiveness of every IT investment your organization makes. To do this, you need a solution that can help match IT spend with investment impact by department so you can quickly discover where to optimize for the largest return.


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